Program Philosophy and Goals

The goal of the Studio Artist Program is to provide space for professional artists to actively ground and deepen their practice, share their work with a larger audience, and explore those big art ideas that often seem impossible to achieve.  Here are a few things we believe:

  • Art is happening now and we value the present as meaningful.
  • Collaboration is beautiful.
  • Art is a craft that must be nurtured and challenged. This cannot happen in a vacuum. Skills require practice and patience, success and failure and a lot of seemingly boring/redundant/critical/inspiring/crazy conversations.
  • The creative process is a balancing act. It requires flexibility and focus; spontaneity and planning.
  • The present cannot exist without the past. This is true of cities, people, traditions, styles and technologies. While we champion new energy and ideas, we honor and learn from all that has come before us.
  • Art is a form of communication. We will use this to explore, educate and enlighten ourselves and our community.
  • We will partner with our community. We will listen as much as we speak.  And we will find meaningful ways to make art and The NEON Arts District flourish.

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