Trains of Thought by Emily Bartelt and Navid Rahman

Date: Sept 17 - Nov 5

On view September 17 – November 5 | Free Admission

Trains of Thought is a new collaboration between Emily Bartelt and Navid Rahman. Navid creates an immersive pop-up book inspired two- dimensional city, while Emily casts 3-D large scale glass objects meant to live within Navid’s multi-layered landscape. Melding their two crafts together on large-scale cutouts, his illustrations lend a captivating home for Bartelt’s glasswork to be nestled between buildings and crossing bridges.








His work has always been a form of world building, creating environments with a blurred line between whimsical fantasy and reality. Much of his work deals with Illustrating fictional matriarchal societies, focusing on the cultural and environmental impacts of the habitats they reside in. This piece is a stark difference from his older work which usually is more organic in shape and flow. The cities will be more planned out and structured in overall composition but the buildings are created in an organic method.


In her studio practice, Bartelt explores aspects of daily life and the ever-changing fabric of the American culture. As an artist, she researches and discusses the neglected aspects of an American wasteland such as forgotten architecture, transportation and communities. Often this manifests in multimedia sculptures, installations, and performances. She considers her concepts in terms of cultural transparency. For that reason, she is often informed by her deep experience working with glass. The material itself is transparent and holds the possibility of revealing and bringing focus. These issues that occur on the fringes of society, in the periphery- she brings into acute focus, to challenge our assumptions about our civilizations’ morals and ethics.


Trains of Thought by Emily Bartelt and Navid Rahman