The Slide Show Juried Exhibition

Date: Jan 21 - Feb 28

The Slide Show Juried Exhibition

If you took an art history course any time before the year 2005 you probably know a lot about 2 x 2 slides. They were the primary means through which art history was taught. All of that has changed now, of course. PowerPoint has relegated analog slide lectures to the scrap heap of history. As a result, universities and art historians have found themselves holding collections of literally thousands of old slides; all carefully labeled, arranged, and catalogued. These collections have become obsolete for the purposes for which they were made. They are sadly unemployed. To remedy the situation, we used the help of artists to give these slides a second life – as raw material and conceptual inspiration for creative works.

Artists were mailed 36, randomly selected 2 x 2 slides from a 10,000 slide collection covering the entire history of Western art. Responsive artworks were juried by a small panel of museum, gallery, and educational program directors.

Featuring Works by:

Emily Bartelt & Kim McKinnis |  Ashley Berkman | Heather Bryant | Maggie Bush | Jean Cheely

Kerri Cushman | Kyler Davis | Erlene Hendrix | Chris Hill | Christopher Kozak | Patricia Lopez

Clay McGlamory | Rosemary Rednour | Amanda Rimmer | Robin & Julia Rogers | Desy Schoenewies

Eloise Shelton-Mayo | Robert Sites | Joe Sleeper | Rebecca Spilecki | Alyssa Strackbein | Aimee Bruce

Erin Cross | Liana Graham | Kelsie McNair | Michael Springer | Virginia VanHorn’s GSA Class