SEE WORTHY by Jennifer Caldwell & Jason Chakravarty

Date: Sept 17 - Nov 5

On view September 17 – November 5 | Free Admission

Jennifer Caldwell (Kingston, WA) and Jason Chakravarty (Phoenix, AZ) often work collaboratively while travelling for residencies and workshops. Recent trips to Japan, Cuba, Turkey, and Israel have spurned new bodies of work inspired by the objects, places, and people they meet along the way. Wooden docks in Honduras, Phoenix sunsets, and lakes in upstate New York have all found narrative homes in their series of cast glass and flameworked portholes. Objects ranging from ornate mirror frames to bubble wrap, antique scuba diver helmets to barnacle-covered buoys, serve as points of departure inviting viewers to explore their own personal connections to the familiar forms we encounter in unfamiliar places. 





Jennifer Caldwell:

Glass is, at once, fragile and strong, beautiful and dangerous, full of movement and static.  These paradoxes lend themselves to speaking of conflicting ideas that inevitably accompany each other in the mind and throughout life’s experiences.

Humor, whimsy and imagination are a cathartic aspect of her studio practice that allow her to address more serious emotions from a place of playfulness. In Caldwell’s work, she observes objects from the world around her conveys ideas by identifying aspects of these objects that she is drawn to.   Color, form or historical meaning become a point of departure and focus while aspects that make these objects live or function in reality, become secondary or completely denied during the creative process.  In this way objects from her experience become beautiful, yet un-functional, or are combined in a way to see the paradoxes through which she views the world.  Working with the constant motion associated with hot glass forces her to intuitively engage with the material creating a constant collaboration between the material and herself.  This is a connection that happens between her conscience and sub-conscience, her mind and hands, the motion of the material and her own emotions, resulting in a physical object that conveys her essence.

Jason Chakravarty:

Jason Chakravarty is a mixed media, object maker living in Arizona. The majority of his work is cast glass and often incorporates neon for illumination. Glass can be anything; thick, thin, shiny, dull, rough, smooth, transparent, or opaque. It is the only material that can capture light. While material and notably glass are important, his emphasis is within the narrative. His most recent works are semi-auto biographical and reflect on human relationships, communication, and social networking.