ACT TWO: New Works by Glass Wheel’s 2017 Studio Artists


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ACT TWO is the cummulating exhibition for Glass Wheel’s 2017 Studio Artist Incubator Program. This immersive program is awarded to 13 visual artists annually. It provides opportunities for research, experimentation and ultimately aims to foster creative innovations and new modes of working collaboratively. Since January, the studio artists have worked intensely to push the limits of their craft. Through monthly group critiques and collaboration, many have found new methods, resources, and support to explore ambitious projects often outside the scope of their previous art practices.

From handmade paper to homemade weapons, self-portraits to figure studies, the works explore our human relationship to objects and space. Video projections, immersive installations, and painted crevasses drop viewers into both familiar and enigmatic environments. Many of the works offer poignant critique on the enshrined shopping rituals and beauty standards that, all too often, define feminity. Others investigate found materials, reclaiming tree branches and recycling glass into poetic sculptural forms.

ACT TWO is not just another local art exhibition. It is evidence of all that is possible when artists are given the space and time to truly incubate ideas. When artists support and challenge one another to explore their creative processeses and take their practices to exciting new depths.

Studio 201: Suzy Peterson
Studio 202: Andy Harris
Studio 203: Derek Eley
Studio 204: Kimberly Marina Loveless-McKinnis
Studio 205: Hannah Kirkpatrick
Studio 301: Maggie Stergos Bush
Studio 302: Angie Staudt VanDyke
Studio 303: Meredith Raiford
Studio 304: Caitlin Blomstrom
Studio 305: Leigh HP
Studio 307: Sarah Vaughn Glass
Studio 308: Gayle Forman
and Alyssa Strackbein