Organica by Martie Negri & The Layered Up Invitational Exhibition

On View March 12 – May 7 | FREE ADMISSION












Chalk Mandalas Community Art Project

Saturday, April 8 from 10AM-2PM | FREEĀ & Family Friendly


Sand mandalas are an ancient Tibetan tradition practiced by monks involving intricate patterns made with brightly colored sand. Historically, semi-precious stones were crushed into a fine powder and applied to a chalk outline with a thin metal tool called a Chak-pur. Layer upon layer of the brightly colored sand is poured into circular patterns which may represent unity, wholeness or the cycle of life. Several monks work together to complete one mandala and the process can take days to complete.

Lucky for us, our mandalas will only take an afternoon! Join us in the courtyard of Glass Wheel Studio to help create floral mandalas inspired by our featured exhibitions, ‘Organica’ by Martie Negri & The Layered Up Invitational. Using a spectrum of brightly colored sidewalk chalk, families and friends from the community are invited to fill in life-size mandala designs. Drinks and supplies are provided so just bring yourself and a thirst for creativity!

This event is FREE & Family Friendly.